August 14, 2014


This past Friday I was invited to the OMEN PR showroom on sunny Canal st. to peruse their racks of represented designer labels and pull a few looks to style and photograph. An anti-trend network of fashion revolutionaries, Omen’s Manifesto (seriously, read it on their page) was something I immediately synched with. Drawn to a mass of darkness hanging ominously in the corner, I chose two garments from NYC label BLACK’D (back to the whole immediate synching thing) and set off to do some of that creation magic.

I liked the idea of this leather detailed shirtdress functioning as half cape, and I have this scandalous One Teaspoon bra with a connecting O-ring smack in the center that is too perfect to be hidden. High waisted faux leather skinnies and the tallest, lacquered black platform boots polished off with newly dread-extensioned hair and I felt super villain level. Or at least some sort of anti-heroine in a Sci-Fi anime series. (Ergo Proxy, anyone? Especially with the collar on this shirt.)


Round two for OMEN PR and BLACK’D NYC in an everything-I-could-possibly-want-in-a-garment shirtdress. Futuristic cotton cut-outs filled in with mesh and garnished with leather. Not to mention a sheer train that flares like the tail of an angry japanese fighting fish when you walk. (You know, those colorful, billowy little creatures you can win at fairs in minuscule fishbowls.)

Shooting both of these looks in Bushwick on a lazy Saturday afternoon when all the neighborhood inhabitants are out relaxing on their stoops and drinking beers made for quite a spectacle naturally, but I must have been called Lady Gaga about twenty times by passerby. And funnily enough, she just so happened to have been snapped all over Manhattan in this very dress a few months ago, as I found out later.

In conclusion, I am always thrilled to tears when I can create with and be inspirationally ass-kicked by other individuals like myself who are just as un-swayed by the trends being thrown our way from every direction and find sacredness in staying true to ones own individuality. So, thank you OMEN & BLACK’D for keeping my perspectives in check. We are ultimately our own gods.


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